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1-2: In which nothing makes any god damn sense

When we last left off, Micaiah and the Dawn Brigade had fled from Nevassa and a scene that told us nothing new and everything we already knew played. We pick up in a forest somewhere...

Thankfully, two members of the Dawn Brigade have their heads screwed on right, and both Nolan and Sothe agree they can't be anywhere near towns for now. Edward take a moment to cry about having to sleep in the wild again and, to bring up something Anouleth said, shouldn't he be the one MOST comfortable with it of the new characters? Considering he's the one who's had to rough it up on the streets and has been fighting a war of independence? Oh whatever, it's not like they bothered including the Dawn Brigades BACKSTORY in the game or anything.

Micaiah takes a moment to connect with her inner hippie and sound like she just smoked a bowl. Which still makes her about a thousand times more preferable to Astrid, who doesn't have a scene in this game where she does NOT look stoned off her tits and act like she's living in a drugged up fantasy, But hey we'll go look at that logical blackhole when we get to Part 2.

We're interrupted by a girl named Laura, who just happens to stumble across the Dawn Brigade from behind.

And Micaiah goes and BLOWS THEIR COVER! Okay so I want you guys to picture this, you just left Nevassa, pursued by people who want to murder you and everyone you love, you have no supplies, you can't risk entering town, and then all of a sudden from behind you a girl comes up behind you and goes "Hey can you go to this Begnion Manor? Which is filled with Begnion troops to help an Abbot you've not seen proof of?" What's your response?

To tell her that you're a group of rebels the Begnion troops are hunting, and you'll gladly walk into this manor without even doing a routine check!

I know Laura is a protagonist, I know this isn't a trap, but it's just so god damn Illogical. I'm going to quote 'Iceman' here.

[quote=Iceman]In Fire Emblem 6, when Roy is told by Elphin that Lycia is potentially primed and ready for invasion, instead of jumping on the information Roy sits down and considers it, before saying he intends to finish the job he was given, because any information could be a lie and he needs to confirm it. If Micaiah was in charge, she would have just gone back to Lycia and completely fucked up.[/quote]

Here's how I propose it should have happened.

Clearly the Dawn Brigade are hungry and roughing it in the wild, and they are under pursuit, by having Nolan (the leader supposedly) point out that they can't really afford to alert Begnion to their presence, you can then have Micaiah (who's supposed to be a Strategist to set up her role when they meet Pelleas) say that they could resupply there. Nolan can then think on it and say "Sothe, investigate. If it looks like we can do it, we will, if not, Laura is on her own."

That way, even though the situation is still legit, the characters show caution, this is supposed to be occupied Daein they just mentioned they can't go to any towns, and now they're going to attack a mansion. I also wouldn't make the goal of this stage Medicine, if it was just Medicine, why couldn't Sothe just go in and steal it? as we'll see in the stage, Sothe pretty much moves around unnoticed. He also mentions having BEEN to this Manor before, so it makes no sense for the whole Dawn Brigade to go in to get some Medicine, when Sothe, THE STEALTH SPECIALIST, can knock over the joint in no time flat.

This sequence is illogical, Again like many things in part 1, the basic premise is GOOD, it works, it's just the execution is done so poorly.

The purpose of those 3 screens is to confirm that yes, Sothe knows exactly where the Medicine is, all Laura needs to do is tell him what it's called/looks like and he can go and get it, and as we'll see on the map, this sequence becomes even more illogical

So despite the conversation implying that we were going in alone, Laura's joined us and the objective is to get her to the designated location on the map, and that makes me wonder if the people designing the maps and gameplay had any talks with the people doing the story.

1. Why does Laura need to go there?
2. Why do we need to do anything? Sothe can get in on his own.

Wha? Sothe you're right there, just grab the medicine and we can book it! Why do all of us need to get up top? we aren't trying to take the place over just get some medicine!

We just got done explaining at the beginning of the Chapter that you didn't want to alert the Begnion army to your presence, and now you're trying to reclaim everything? Why? You don't have a safe house to retreat to, hell Sothe you managed to get in without being spotted, you could probably nick from these guys over time, there is no reason for you guys to be doing this, Laura just asked for some medicine.

And to top it all off, JAROD IS HERE?! Coincidence much? Wait a second... You've been running ever since you left Nevassa, how did he get ahead of you? Ontop of that, why is he even at this specific manor, at this specific time, he doesn't mention leaving to hunt the Dawn Brigade, for fucks sake he's the head of the Begnion Occupation Military Force, Doesn't he have anything better to do?

And I just checked over to make sure I didn't miss an opening text crawl or something, no time has been mentioned, nothing indicates it's been more than a day since they left. This entire chapter is a logical singularity that is making my mind collapse in on itself!

Wouldn't it be smarter if you went with one of our capable fighters? At this point I've given up trying to rationalize why Sothe couldn't just grab the medicine, but why is the person with no combat experience and 1RKOed by everything going alone to find the medicine?

That reminds me, while playing this map on my proper save Laura was almost ORKOed, she just dodged the second hit and saved me a restart.

Anyway the map's cleared after that.

So? Micaiah she's not a member of the Dawn Brigade, she wanted Medicine, she got Medicine, she probably left. Also Scene Transition?! I have no idea if Micaiah means that Laura was captured as they were escaping or if she lost sight of her when she went to go grab the medicine. I know a lot of stuff happens off screen during the various chapters, but for the love of all that is good in this world, would it kill the game to have everything progress in a logical manner?

And again, contrary to her statement in the Prologue that she can't just use Foresight whenever, She proceeds to turn on foresight to tell that Laura has been captured. I know someone's going to come in and say "Oh this is just another random occurrence" but these seem oddly coincidental for random occurrence, I mean she must be manipulating the RNG manually at this point. Anna will be pissed.

No, she just said "Someones nearby" for the fun of it you ponce.

... Clever is not what I would call Micaiah. This entire chapter is proof enough of that. If she was clever, she would have told the other DBers about Laura being captured and all that. It's not like Leonardo the archer, or Sothe the fucking ROGUE would be able to get a drop on him. But no if we approached this moment with any sort of logic, we wouldn't have a set up for 1-3.

Can anyone spot the logical contradiction in these pictures? I'll give you a minute.

Found it? How is Micaiah a valuable hostage if the rest of the Dawn Brigade doesn't matter?! How is LAURA a valuable hostage? WHY DOES NOTHING MAKE ANY GOD DAMN SENSE IN THIS CHAPTER?!

I can accept that Micaiah is a good way to keep the Dawn Brigade in line, but if you then tell me they don't think the rest of the group matters, then who is she a good hostage for? kill her quietly, don't let her be a martyr or anything, I mean god damn Jarod murders his own troops and 3 civvies, but he captures the woman who's been fucking with Begnion, and now he thinks of prison? And who is Laura important too? Aran is working for Begnion by choice, it makes no sense to hold Laura as a hostage, I'm not sure Begnion understands the whole 'Hostage' concept.

Oh shut up this is no time to be quoting Star Wars...

Next Time: We're back to the proper save file.

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